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Support Local. Order Direct. 

Welcome to The Flame Diner’s official website!

Our restaurant is located at 893 9th Ave, New York, NY 10019. We deliver up to 2 miles from our location. You're very welcome to make a pickup order as well.


Thanks for supporting local restaurants by ordering directly on this site and not through 3rd party platforms!

American Diner

Read what our customers have to say…

This place is the perfect place to have a meal after a late movie. Lots of tables, quiet, plenty of space.

The food came a bit colder than expected but it didn't really affect the taste, so no big deal. Very good, very tasty, just a classic diner taste.

Fries are thin and crispy, and better than I was expecting. I wish the poached eggs were goopier and the corned beef has crispier. The service was great and they had awesome recommendations.

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